From Pastor Amanda
and the Central Lutheran congregation

Grace and Peace to you!

Thank you for coming and checking out our online world here at Central Lutheran. We are a progressive, inclusive, Christian community that lives out our faith in a grace-based manner. What does this mean? Well - we're an active group of people doing lots of things in our community because we believe it's what we get to do because of God's love for us and our world.

Looking for a place to explore your passion for social justice and care for our world's creation? We have a group for you. Seeking an informal choir to blend your voice with? We would love to welcome you. Desire to delve into heady theological questions of where your belief intersects your daily life? We're ready for the questions and eager to walk alongside you. Craving a place of peace and prayer in the hectic schedule of life? Come and see.

Whether you have grown up with a faith or have had no religious background at all - you are welcome here. Please join us on Sunday mornings at 10:15 for our worship service; contact us with your questions by phone (503-284-2331) or email me at; find a committee meeting to check out . . . the doors are open and we look forward to welcoming you among us.

Carry on in joy,
Pr. Amanda Zentz-Alo