…and God saw everything that God had made, and, indeed, it was very good. Above left: Creationtide art. Above right: Caroline celebrates food from the farm during the EcoFaith Youth Project week.

JOIN US FOR CREATIONTIDE 2014: September 21 through October 12
Care for Creation provides information, education and action ideas on ways that we as Christians and responsible humans can act with intention to live more lightly on the earth.

"Visit this page to learn specific ways you can take action for our planet and for future generations."

To be included on Care for Creation's email Listserve, please contact us at: careforcreation@centralportland.org. Thank you!

Central’s Care for Creation team works in five main areas: worship, education, building & grounds, personal lifestyle, and public advocacy. To connect with Central’s Care for Creation team contact: careforcreation@centralportland.org

Catherine ponders which sprouts she will take home to plant in her garden. Central's Earth Day Plant Starter Exchange was incorporated into our April 22 Intergenerational Earth Day education program.

Partners in Care for Creation:
++Lutherans Restoring Creation
++EcoFaith Recovery
++Oregon Interfaith Power and Light