CTLPDX International Environmental film festival

Congratulations to our winners!

Mother's Cry

Mother's Cry is a poetry-based short film on climate change by Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Lisa Russell, featuring renowned youth poet, Savon Bartley.

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Toxic Tales

In 5 short chapters, this collection ironically depicts how the human destructive behaviors seems to be the biggest threats to human kind. Or is it its stupidity?


Muir is an animated short film that reflects on both the love and legacy of the naturalist John Muir, a man who spent much of his life promoting and advocating for the importance of the wilderness in people’s lives as well as its protection. His writings, a product of his own love and devotion to America’s wild places, eventually helped lead to the creation of the National Parks. This film pays homage to his reverence and devotion to that idea.

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"Do You?"

‘Do You?’ is a one-minute film, which gives the message as ‘Save trees and Plant trees’. The message is delivered with the help of kids. kids in the film save money for each month and use the same for plantation, repeating the same for next month and so on. The film ‘Do You?’ is scripted and designed in such a way that kids and young audiences, school children will easily relate to the film and get the message.

Whale Aware

Whale Aware is the story of how a mobile app is being used to decrease the number of whale strikes by ships in busy shipping lanes in the US.

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Simple story about technology


A short film that shows the sea-life ecosystem and how it survives the different human interventions and the damaging ecological impact that it generates. It aims to develop a critical approach for children audiences, showing the contamination problems and some of the more common industrial disasters, such as oil spills, overfishing and eutrophication, problems that are treated in a tragic-comic way through the adventures of a very special orange fish.

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300 Tires and an Old Sofa

A summer jobs program rids two scenic rivers in Virginia of unsightly trash.

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My Deadly Beautiful City

Residents of an industrial town in the Arctic ponder how pollution affects their lives and the landscape.


The Guadalupe dam watershed, located at the northeast of Mexico City, is a region of great biodiversity. It's a source of oxygen, drinking water, wood, food, medicinal plants and cultural elements for the inhabitants of the Valleys of Mexico and Toluca. While an important home for the Otomí ethnic group, the watershed also shelters a peculiar species: the mountain axolotl (Ambystoma altamirani), a micro-endemic, endangered amphibian, unique in the world.

A Pearl of the Revolution

A 15-minute video about a sustainability project in Cojímar, Cuba.

Natural Gifts

Joe Ives of the Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe shares a story about two men who draw upon their spirit guardians the Raven and the Bear as they fish and then share a meal.

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Water, water is life.

You are not the strongest

A hunter is searching for a new trophy for his collection.