our fall offerings

We invite you to join us beginning at 9 o'clock Sunday mornings!

January 29—April 2 ~ Study and Meditations on Biblical References to Water


5 –- (First Sunday in Lent)  Waters of Justice – Amos: 5:21-24 – Because of their shallow worship and sinful living, Amos calls the waters of justice and righteousness to roll down on the Israelites. What place in our world needs the cleansing waters of justice and righteousness?

12 – Streams of Mercy – Isaiah 35: 1-2, 5-7 – Christians forgive and are forgiven. What can we learn about forgiveness and streams of mercy?

19 – Women’s Retreat – No Forum

26 – Water of Compassion – John 4: 1-30, 39-42 – Jesus is the living water.  The Samaritan woman and people today need this water. When we welcome the living water into our lives, we learn the importance of hospitality and compassion.


2 –- River of Life – Revelation 21 and 22 – In Revelation, we get a picture of the end time, with the fullest revelation of God and God’s creation. This becomes a cause of great hope.

Save These Dates: May 14 and May 21 

During Learning Hour discussion about the book Evicted by Matthew Desmond. This book was picked for the 2017 Everybody Reads program through Multnomah Libraries and copies are available for all. Gerd Horton will lead us in the discussion, so get your books and start reading now. Find out how the author decided that a primary cause of poverty is high rents and the increasing number of evictions. Read the book and consider how it applies to Portland's rental community.