International Prayer Vigil for Palestine/Israel on the 24th of every month - 7 pm at Central.

Lutherans for Justice in the Holy Land joins people of faith around the world in monthly prayer vigils for a just peace in Palestine. These vigils, endorsed by the ELCA and its Peace Without Walls campaign, started last Christmas Eve by ACT PALESTINE. They now include 15 countries--with congregations praying monthly – from Nigeria to Israel. Vigils will be held the 24th of each month at Central at 7 pm until the Israeli occupation of Palestine is dismantled.

Holy Land Accompaniment: Mission That Matters To You, To Your Church, To the World

For information contact Esther Nelson 503-341-2755

Lutherans for Justice in the Holy Land is an active supporter of Oregon Synod’s Holy Land Accompaniment Project, a Global Mission response to the call of the Lutheran churches of Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL) for accompaniment. HLA involves 1) learning about accompaniment as a general model for global mission, 2) connecting specifically with Lutherans of the Holy Land, and 3) supporting accompaniment travelers to the Holy Land in May 2014.

You have a unique opportunity to travel with other Oregon Synod Lutherans, walk where Jesus walked, see with new eyes, practice accompaniment, and live out Jesus’ mission. The trip will be led by Pastor Nick Doversberger. Travel expenses covered by the traveler, congregation, or cluster.

"Accompaniment Travel in the Holy Land" is for most a transformative encounter with people and places which touch the mind, heart, and spirit in unforgettable ways. You cannot meet the “living stones” of the Holy Land – spirit-filled people of faith, hope, and love – without being changed forever and for good. You will want to share your stories and your insights. More information coming soon!

At Central Lutheran, we have boldly extended Lutherans’ traditional concern for social service and social justice to one of the most complex, controversial, and intractable international issues – justice and peace in the Holy Land. LJHL advocates for all people of Palestine and Israel in general and fosters unique ties with the congregations, ministries, and institutions of Holy Land Lutherans in particular. We educate and advocate by:

  • Participating in peace-and-justice partnerships – local and international, secular and faith-based, political and humanitarian
  • Providing speakers, films, book studies, and discussions
  • Organizing contacts with legislators through calls, visits, and letters
  • Participating in nonviolent direct action – petition drives, demonstrations, and teach-ins
  • Distributing timely news and analysis, action alerts, and talking points
  • Selling Palestinian Fair Trade olive oil and products to promote the Palestinian economy and benefit the Lutheran World Federation Vocational Training Center
  • Learning from, encouraging, and socializing with one another

We sell Canaan Fair Trade olive oil and other products at Central Lutheran following worship every second Sunday of the month. We also sell at special events and fill special orders for pick-up at Central. For more information, or to arrange for LJHL to sell at an event, or to place a special order, please contact Debbie Johnson at 503-679-6433.

Our most recent project has been production of Palestine Shorts, video clips in support of the Oregon Synod/ELCA's Peace Not Walls campaign. If you are interested in learning more about the situation in Palestine/Israel and/or working with us, please contact us through the church office 503-284-2331 or