Silent Auction Certificates, 2017

One Year’s Membership at NEIP

Need relief from your kids or grandkids? Bring them to North East Indoor Park, located in Central’s basement, all year and let them play to their heart’s content while you read, visit or just relax.

Got Sewing to do?

Faye Bennett will do it for you. She is donating an hour of her time for hemming, mending, or any other little project that needs done that you just can’t face. She’s offering this twice.

Homemade cheesecake

Anyone who has tasted Chris Brown’s cheesecake won’t be able to stop bidding on this item in our auction--your choice of flavor (plain, peach melba, or caramel pecan) and date

A Second Cheesecake!

If you missed out on the other cheesecake, Chris Brown is offering a second one.

Dawn’s Treasures

Don’t mind hosting coffee hour but not wanting to bake?  Dawn M. will do the baking for you on a Sunday of your choice. Just give her a call!


Doesn’t just saying that name make you feel elegant? Here’s a $50 certificate for whatever you choose. Donated by Amber Hollister

OX, the Restaurant

Want a special night out with someone special? A $50 certificate for this Argentine menu will satisfy your adventurous cravings. This item has been donated by Amber H.


A Cadillac

Oops, that a gift certificate from Cadillac Cafe, just around the corner. Enjoy a meal with their special ambiance.

Soup by Debbie

Debbie has given two separate donations of four quarts of soup, ready when you want them.  Her Hungarian Mushroom soup is out of this world!

Soup and More Soup!

Debbie is offering a second donation of her famous soup--four quarts of Hungarian Mushroom. Bid twice if you must!

Portland Center Stage at The Armory

Here are two complimentary tickets to any Main Stage production of your choice in the 2016-2017 season. There are some exciting productions to choose from!

Robin Hood is coming…..

We have two tickets for the production of Robin Hood at Northwest Children’s Theater. Choose your date between April 22 and May 21. Get ready for justice, Sherwood Forest style!

Porque No?

Here’s tomorrow‘s menu!--a gift certificate for lunch, dinner or enough tacos to feed you for a year, including beverages. $100 gift certificate for Porque No?