Silent Auction Sign Ups, 2018

These are events that several folks can sign up for instead of having only one winner. Pay for your spot to enjoy each of these experiences. As the events are confirmed, we will post them here!


Enjoy a summer afternoon by the Sandy River at Linda L.’s home with lunch and good conversation. Linda is hosting this gala affair  on July 28 beginning at noon.  There is room for 20 at $20 each. (Photo on the banner above this section taken from Linda's back yard!)


This yearly event at Lauren’s home is open to all book lovers.  This year's book is The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin, on Sunday April 29.  Cost $20.  Limit 15.

Roller Derby 101 and a Chance to See A Bout

Are you familiar with jams, flat tracks, and pivots? Learn the Roller Derby language and join us for a bout the third weekend in August. Pr. FeeNix will give us a short course on the sport as we gather for a BYOP (bring your own picnic) meal. Details to come. Room for all. $25 per person covers the class and tickets.