Come to the 11th Annual Cabaret!

February 23, 2019, 5:30 to 8:30 PM


online Ticket sales now available!
Tickets available for purchase on site each Sunday!

This year's entertainment:

This year we will be enjoying the talent of our very own staff! Pr. Amanda and Joellen join Martin and Linda with a variety of musical offerings alongside some joyful sing alongs. It’s sure to be a great night!

Returning This Year - Dessert Dash: Dessert Dash is an exciting way to share a special dessert with your dining mates.  You will be able to determine the amount YOU want to donate for dessert as will others at your table.  Each table will choose the dessert they want in the order of which table donates the most $$.  Come and join the fun and join the "dash for dessert!"

Dessert Donations: If you are able to donate a dessert for 8 for the Dessert Dash, please contact the church office.

Auction Donations: If you are willing to make a donation for the auction, please fill out an In-Kind Contribution form available in the Fellowship Room or from the office.

Oral Auction Items, 2018

Here are examples of what was up for auction at last year's event! We will post the 2019 options soon! These wonderful opportunities will be up for grabs to the highest bidder.

Hit the Beach!

A wonderful place to spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of Portland. Do you hear the sound of the waves?  Three nights included at this beach house.

A Meal with Martin

Here's your chance to spend a little one-on-one time with our talented and busy organist, Martin. Take him to lunch or serve him a sandwich at your own kitchen table.

Portland Timbers

Janet and Peter have donated two tickets for the Portland Timbers. Don’t miss out on seeing them battle!  These tickets will hold your seat on July 21, 2018 as the Timbers take on the Montreal Impact at 8 PM.

A Thorn in Their Side, not yours

This soccer team is on a roll. They’ve been doing well and you have a chance to win these two tickets to watch them play. Lori and Lisa have donated two tickets for a game during the coming season.

Vacation at Eagle Crest

Spend two or three nights at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond, Oregon.  Hazel’s chalet sleeps 8 -10 (3 bedrooms, two baths).  There are plenty of activities there to keep you occupied including swimming and golfing.

It's Magic!

We are excited to welcome a new addition to our Oral Auction this year! John Stevens, a local magician (and pastor), has generously donated a certificate good for one magic show! Liven up a dinner party, amaze your friends on your birthday (adults or children!), or talk with John about your gathering dreams!

Silent Auction, 2018

Here are some of the listings from our Silent Auction last year!

We’ll have some sneak peaks of this year’s goodies coming soon!

Our Silent Auction opens for bidding at 6 PM with plenty of warning of when the bidding will close and winners will be announced. Bid early and bid often for these amazing opportunities! Options will be posted as they are confirmed!


“To calculate a value would be to stoop to vulgarity.”; This basket includes four elegant and perfectly correct cut glass goblets; Vintage linen tea napkins; Gloves, of course; and a vintage “Beautiful Life and Illustrious Reign of Queen Victoria”.


This shopping bag is filled with snacks and other supplies to keep you and your tummy happy for many days. Included are a wide variety of items such as organic coffee, nuts, chips, mineral bath salts, chocolate, and a colouring book!


You’ll feel like you’re there with Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Yorkshire Ale; Downton Abbey cookbook; Jonathan Swift’s “Direction to Servants”; Wooden spoons; and a cheerful linen tea towel.


If you like organ music, here is a CD by our own outstanding organist, Martin. He will have you singing and dancing in the street.



Beer from Laurelwood is a specialty and this is their best!



You’ll find treasures in this basket, including appropriate headgear, a bumper sticker, your Lutheran coffee mug, and beer brewed since the 10th century in Munich and probably enjoyed by the man himself.


Holy Bobblehead!

That's right! After a year of adventuring throughout the country the Bobblehead of Pr. Amanda is making its return to the auction block. Comes with a change of stoles, happy memories, and plenty of giggles.

Do the Math  E=MC2

I calculate there must be someone just waiting on this stimulating package! Includes: Educated Guess wine, A well-used Slide Rule (to amaze the young), Black Holes by Janna Levin (recognized as best science book in both 2016 and 2017), Hydration delivery system, Pedal Extremity Protectors.

Golden Elegance:

Fill your four perfect liqueur glasses with this dessert wine and daintily partake of the chocolates you will find in this golden box. 

Oregon Gems

Hand crafted wooden box by local artisan, Greg Gordon, Chocolate gems from Jaciva, Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble: Oregon Stories.


All things French begin with wine, of course.  This basket will, with a little imagination, take you to the French Countryside. It also includes Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita (Translation: Pear Sorbet), Eau de Toilet from Guerlain, and a French flag to wave as you page through a book of Paris photographs, circa 1950.


Janell Bethke’s scarves are one of a kind and the one you will see here is among her most exquisite.  Be the one to take it home! (The picture above are of two of her scarves preparing to be steamed.)


Each December, Portlanders gather at Pioneer Courthouse Square to swoop in and buy art work from local artists. Janet and Peter are sharing two of their recent acquisitions with us. You’ll love what you see.


The Rasmussens have once again brought back two bottle of excellent wine from the famous Nieman’s Walla Walla Valley Winery.

Sheep Thrills:  Baaaa-d to the Bone

Do ewe need a little love? Treat yourself to this basket of coziness. Includes: Black Sheep Wine, The Shepherd’s Life by James Rebanks, Sheep socks, and one pretend sheep.

“It’s Never Too Late to be Wise” A Basket for Readers

Book Bag, Card Catalog Note cards, Vintage Book – Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Another Book because this is for readers: Fictitious Dishes, Bonbons, of course!

God Save the Queen!

Queen Elizabeth Coronation Souvenir Dish, Royal Corgi Socks, Ride Along Decal (The Queen’s waving from the back seat), The Uncommon Reader (QEII encounters a bookmobile), For your edification, Royal Line of Succession Booklet

A Sunny day in Spain:

Tapas you have made from this little book of recipes, nestled in these lovely dishes from Williams Sonoma. Sipping tempranillo as the air is blessed with the music of the Spanish Guitar.

Memories of Michigan

You'll want to take this one home with you to enjoy by yourself or share. It's a basket filled with Michigan cherry food products and Oregon snacks.

Wine Drinkers, Rejoice

Take home three bottles of imported wine to make your dinners extra special!

But Wait, There's More!

If you prefer domestic wines, here are two exceptional California wines for you to try!

Silent Auction Certificates, 2018

Samples from last year’s Certificates. We’ll post 2019’s offerings as soon as we know them! Use your bid number in the Silent Auction room to grab your chance at these amazing items!


Anyone who has tasted Chris's cheesecake won't be able to stop bidding on this item in our auction--your choice of flavor (plain, peach melba, or caramel pecan) or  and date.


If you missed out on the first cheesecake, Chris is offering a second one.


Linda L. will make a pot of one of your favorites.  Available whenever you want it.

Just Around the Corner

Here's good food for a weekend brunch or great cocktails. It's a good way to meet our new neighbor, the Iconic Lounge Restaurant, just around the corner from us. Enjoy this $25 gift card. (Pr. Amanda highly recommends the happy hour truffle fries!)


Debbie has four quarts of her famous Hungarian Mushroom Soup in her freezer.   It’s ready for your evening meal anytime.


Another four quarts is stacked next to the four above, waiting for your dinner. Bid on both if you wish.



It’s just around the corner. If you’ve eaten at Milo’s, you know their food just melts in your mouth. A $25 certificate will help you prove it.



Here are two complimentary tickets to any Main Stage production of our choice in the 2017-2018 season. There are some exciting productions to choose from! Learn more HERE.


Like good pizza? This restaurant at N.E. 28th and Glisan will make you feel like you’re back in the Old Country and the $30 certificate will help fill you with good food and memories.


McMenamin's Gift Certificate

Enjoy a night out at any of the vast and varied McMenamin's properties with this $50 gift certificate. Or use this as an investment in adventurous date nights by buying McMenamin's Passports and challenge yourself to visit them all and win prizes along the way!

We Repeat, "McMenamins, Here We Come!"

You can add this $40 gift card to the first one and eat more or play more golf. Or, if you missed out on the first one, grab this one.

Silent Auction Sign Ups, 2018

These are sample events offered in 2018 that several folks can sign up for instead of having only one winner. Pay for your spot to enjoy each of these experiences. As the events are confirmed, we will post them here!


Enjoy a summer afternoon by the Sandy River at Linda L.’s home with lunch and good conversation. Linda is hosting this gala affair  on July 28 beginning at noon.  There is room for 20 at $20 each. (Photo on the banner above this section taken from Linda's back yard!)


This yearly event at Lauren’s home is open to all book lovers.  This year's book is The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula Le Guin, on Sunday April 29.  Cost $20.  Limit 15.

Roller Derby 101 and a Chance to See A Bout

Are you familiar with jams, flat tracks, and pivots? Learn the Roller Derby language and join us for a bout the third weekend in August. Pr. FeeNix will give us a short course on the sport as we gather for a BYOP (bring your own picnic) meal. Details to come. Room for all. $25 per person covers the class and tickets.