Current Actions

Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice 3rd Monday Vigil

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Last week, voters in Washington County voted overwhelmingly to uphold Oregon's 31-year-old sanctuary law.

The week before that, plainclothes ICE agents were at the Washington County courthouse again, where they arrested an immigrant community member inside the courthouse, without a warrant.

This coming Monday, people of faith and goodwill throughout our county will be back at the courthouse to celebrate the defeat of Measure 105, amplify our demand that ICE stay out of our courthouses and out of our communities, hear the testimony of impacted community members, and present local officials with a statement regarding recent arrests.

Help your Cully Neighbors at the Arbor Mobile Home Park.

Donate your gently used AND new electronics to their raffles.

Residents of Cully neighborhood’s Arbor Manufactured Home Park have begun turning their park into a resident-owned cooperative. They are working with St. Vincent de Paul who is in process of purchasing the Arbor, which went up for sale in July. The goal for all is to preserve the park as affordable housing. Arbor folks need your help with covering the cost of their many organizational meetings to become a cooperative. They pay for printing flyers, Spanish/English interpretation services, child-care and dinner costs for families who meet directly after work. Your raffle donations of gently used and new electronics (including iPads, televisions, video game sets, cameras, music players, Bluetooth sets) will become prizes for their raffles and will help make this good work possible. Contact Sarah C. for questions or if you have anything to donate.