I want to fast from fear

I want to say this before I dig into nuance. Fear is a gift. Fear can keep us alive when we listen and allow it to give us the warnings that will save us in true moments of life or death. This kind of wisdom that comes from the spikes of adrenaline should not be ignored, chastened, or hidden but rather heeded, honored, and honed.

Yet our culture doesn’t use fear in this manner any more. It uses it to cajole us. To shame us. To coerce us. To lead us into ways of being that do not build up ourselves or our communities. Our culture uses fear to control us and lead us on pathways that break down communities and deeply divide us.

I am tired of being afraid. Tired of being afraid that I am not good enough. That I do not have enough. That somehow something is not yet “enough” enough about me and the way that I live. I am tired of what those feeling draw from me. I am tired of watching the beloved people around me find themselves trapped in that fear, as well. This Lent, I want to fast fear.


I want to feast on God’s love and hope. I want to feast on the trust that I, and everything around me, has been beautifully and wonderfully made. I want to feast on the promise of God’s steadfast love that endures forever; on the promise of justice and mercy for this world. I want to feast on God’s love and dare to fast from fear.

Will you join me?

~ Pr. Amanda