Fasting from the FEAR OF LOVE

What percentage of song lyrics are about love?  80% or 90%?  We need it, we want it, we seek it.

We want love in our lives– a few close friends, some family members, a significant  other.  We want to feel  cared about, known, full, safe, special, accepted.   And it scares the heck out of us.

Loving is great, but  wait a minute.  It won’t take long for them to see that we are not fun enough - attractive enough, bright enough, interesting enough, deserving enough, ENOUGH.  Afraid that the other will suddenly see what we really are – or are not – will not want to spend time with us, will find someone better, will abandon us and we would be alone and loveless. 

So what to do? We move to protect ourselves, to pull in, to hide, to play it safe, to not love so much, to not risk so much, to not expect so much, to not give so much. Our fear makes our love small and careful, measured and tentative.

And what could be life-giving, big, glorious, bold, full of fun and adventure, becomes tiny and safe and carefully measured and so very disappointing.

What is there to fear? As a believer don’t I believe that I am loved by God always.  Doesn’t  living in that love make me safe? What if I gave up fear and just let myself love?

In our fast from fear, we pray to let our love be as big as possible, to let it soar, to give our all, to know that even if it does not turn out to be fully reciprocated, that we gave it our best, let it be all that it could be, let ourselves be all that we could be, all that we were made to be.