Fasting from fear is resistance . . .

Fasting from fear is resistance and it will take more than 40 days.  We are confused and afraid on Maundy Thursday.  We are terrified on Good Friday.  Saturday we wait in anxious suspense and even on Easter Sunday – those first followers were filled with fear.  But – Jesus was and is with them and us in the midst of it all.  Never not present despite our fear. Oh, these fearsome days.  And then, our modern rush to triumphalism, as if the first Easter was an absence of fear as opposed to an unfolding in the midst of it. 

I know this Easter my fears will not all be vanquished by remembering that Christ is Risen.  Easter Monday will dawn on a fearful world – and – Jesus will be present in my fearful heart: unfolding and untwisting the ways fear turns me in upon myself and against my neighbor.

Loving God, thank you for loving us.  Help us to know that Jesus is risen.  Help us to know that Jesus is with us as we learn to fast from fear.  Amen    

~ Bonnie