Adult Learning Hour: Fall 2018

Please join us Sunday at 9:00AM in the fellowship hall (enter the front doors and look to your right) for Adult Learning Hour. Everyone is welcome to join these free learning hours.

December 2: Deep Dive into the Numbers

Watch the LiveStream video recorded on 12/2 HERE. Documents referenced in the meeting can be downloaded HERE.

Finance Chair Karen Jolly will dive with you into the numbers of Central’s financial statements.
· To help you understand the cash assets we have at Central and how they are used.
· It’s budget time and YOU are responsible for the financial well-being of Central.
· If numbers cause your eyes to glaze over; you will gain an understanding of what these numbers represent. Even if your eyes do not glaze over, you will still gain an understanding of the numbers.
· You are asked to contribute to Central, but what the heck does your money do?
· In light of our recent discussion regarding our healthy congregation, it is beneficial to understand what your gifts do to help the congregation.
· What are Dedicated funds anyway? Why can’t I just give to what I want to see happen?
· So you can be an informed member!

December 9: Unveiling the Budget

Your budget committee has reviewed the financial assets of the congregation and used their magic crystal ball to determine what will be needed next year. They will “unveil” the budget at this time, answer your questions, and receive your input. After the council approves the proposed budget, the congregation will vote to adopt it at the January Congregation meeting.

Be informed. Your vote counts!

December 16: Children & Youth Christmas Pageant Rehearsal

Dec. 23 & 30: No Learning Hour