Learning Hour: Fall 2018

Please join us at 9 AM Sunday mornings beginning September 9 for Learning Hour.

Sept 16: Networks in Nature and Community

Nature is full of fascinating networks — from food webs to ecosystems as a whole. Just as humans don’t always see ourselves as part of nature, we often don’t recognize the presence and power of our own networks. We’ll investigate the social networks that exist at Central, and explore our capacity to thrive through them.

Sept 23: November 2018 Ballot Measures

This November, Oregonians will vote on several ballot measures that are deeply connected to our congregation’s commitment to justice. Learn more about these measures and participate in lively discussion!

Sept 30: How Do We Know We’re Right?

It isn’t just the political system that is polarized around ecological issues. Christians find themselves aligned with political divisions. What does it mean to be “right”? Does it matter? What can we learn from the Bible, Jesus, Francis of Assisi, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, & others on humility, crossing boundaries & being right – or wrong?

Oct 7: Living Cully/Verde: A Neighborhood Model for Sustainability and Justice

Carolina Gonzalez and Cameron Harrington will discuss the Living Cully Community Energy Plan — how our neighbors are working together to create a more sustainable and just neighborhood.

Oct 14: The Environmental Consequences of Militarism & War

Discussion will focus on the economic and environmental consequences of our enormous military expenditures. Dr. Donohoe always includes practical suggestions for promoting peace.

Oct 21: The Importance of Constituent Letters in Reducing World Hunger

Robin Stephenson, BFW Northwest Regional Coordinator, will share a brief history of BFW and discuss the importance of directly engaging our Congressional representatives on hunger issues.