January 13, 2019 Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting


Voting Matters:
2019 Proposed Budget
At-Large Council members -- Katie Sass & Sebastian Miller nominated
Accounts Receivable: Bill Fox nominated for second term
Synod Assembly participants (Assembly is May 10 - 12 in Eugene, OR)
Proposed Bylaw revisions regarding Congregational Meetings

Information Sharing:
Next steps following House Meetings
2018 Annual Reports

2019 Budgeting

The first two Sundays of December we are gathering during Learning Hour as we prepare our annual budget. Join us on the LiveStream of these gatherings.

12/2/18: Learning Hour Deep Dive into the Financials & Building Update
Watch the video recorded live below. For copies of the documents referenced in the meeting, CLICK HERE.

November 2018 Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting & House Meeting Launch

A meeting was held on November 4, 2018 to elect Council members and officers, to hear a financial review of the congregation, and to discuss the results of our most recent Vitality Survey.

To preview a summary sheet of the data received, please CLICK HERE. You may also download the comprehensive data at the following links:

Section 1 (Summary and visit conversation data)
Section 2 (Vitality Surveys)

Below is the LiveStream video of the meeting.

April 2018 Congregational Meeting

This meeting was requested by the Church Council with the following motion on the floor for a vote: The Congregational Council and Finance Team recommend Central Lutheran Church take a short-term secured loan of up to $45,000 to complete repairs to the boiler and additional critical facility maintenance issues.

Update: The motion was amended to borrow $50,000 to account for potential overages. The amendment and motion both passed.

2018 Semi-Annual Meeting Agenda

The 2017 Annual Report Has Been Compiled! Download your copy click here.

2018 Budget Documents

To download the 2018 Budget Worksheet click here.

To download the 2018 Storytelling Budget with Pie Charts click here.

Constitution and Bylaws

To download a current copy of Central's approved Constitution click here.

To download a current copy of our our bylaws click here.

2016 Semi-Annual Congregational Meetings

2017 January Semi-Annual Meeting

The 2016 Annual Report has been compiled! click here to download your copy.

Please click here to download the Approved 2017 budget.

2016 November Semi-Annual Meeting

We gathered on 11/20/16 after worship for our winter annual meeting. Our agenda was to hear from our Nominations Committee regarding Council nominations, a finance update from our Finance Team, and to vote on our Constitution.

2016 CLC Constitution - as in 2015, this Constitution includes only the required language from the ELCA Model Constitution. This document also incorporates the changes made by the National Assembly. A report of those changes can be viewed here. As these changes came from the National Assembly, they need only be ratified with one vote. If this constitution passes in this meeting it will have been ratified twice and will then proceed to the Synod Office for final approval. (Update: The Constitution was approved by voice vote.)

2016 Annual Meeting, January 31

Click the links below for copies of the documents for our 2016 Annual Meeting.

2015 Vitality Survey Results

Multi-Year Vitality Survey Comparison

Proposed 2016 Budget

Proposed Constitution (Note - the change being presented is that we will use only the required language from the ELCA in our constitution, allowing it to be approved more easily. Congregation specific concerns, such as the format of the Council, will exist in the bylaws. More information about this will be coming throughout 2016. If you would like to participate in this project, please contact Linda L.)