Restoration Committee

We have a committed and talented team whose work maintains and restores our historic building. For the benefit of our entire Central Portland community; the hundreds of individuals find safety, welcome, healing, collaboration, and hope within these walls. To support this work, please Donate Here.

Facility Upgrades & Energy Efficiency


Sanctuary Lights Are now LED!

The Restoration Committee along with Heil Electric sourced LED lighting appropriate for our Sanctuary chandeliers. The upgrade reduced power consumption by about 90%. The NE Indoor Park and many other areas now also LED.

Large Projects In & Around the Building

NE Indoor Park - Remodel

NE Indoor Park

The Northeast Indoor Park has been completely remodeled. New carpet, paint, lighting and toys make it a wonderful place for children to play in a safe, welcoming and dry environment.

Central Lutheran Church Main Entrance

Front Entrance

The front entrance to CLC has been re-constructed. New beems, benches, paint and lights have made a wonderful difference to its beauty and safety. Thanks to the generosity of the Kinsman Foundation.


Subterranean Pipe RepaIr

A large pipe which runs underneath the parking lot off of Schulyer Ave cracked. This sink hole was our clue. We give thanks to the Central Lutheran Foundation that has given a grant to cover the bulk of the expense. We also give thanks to the Central Lutheran community for including a contingency fund in our recent loan to help with potential expenses on this project.


Boiler / Furnace Repair

In 2017 our heating system was converted from oil to natural gas. We had an amazingly warm winter inside! However, in early 2018 we noticed that the boiler had begun leaking. The leaks have been repaired and the boiler is being closely monitored.

Smaller Projects Recently Completed

In the past 18 months, we have been busy working around the building keeping our historic building a wonderful place to live and visit. Some of these were planned for and were funded by grants. Some of these were emergency repairs covered by Central Lutheran's savings as well as generous gifts by the Foundation and anonymous donors.


Front Entrance

The front entrance garden beds are undergoing cleanup and re-planting. New pots have been added to enhance our street appeal and sprinkler issues are being attended to.


Parking Lot Resurfacing

Before the new surface is put down, the parking lot needed to be cleaned. Members of the restoration committee were up the the task. With three power washers going, the dirt did not stand a chance.


A Little Brick & Mortar

Repair to the half wall on the patio just took a bit of mortar and time. Looks good and should last for another few decades.


Pulpit & High Altar

The Pulpit and High Altar were sanded and re-oiled. New legs were added to the Pulpit and new supports and a light were added to the Communion Table.


Community Copper Art

An art project was completed by all building occupants and placed in the lower stairwell, enhance the NE Indoor Park.


Chancel Walls (Arms)

The teen youth group stepped up to refinish the walls of the chancel. A great project and improvement to the sanctuary.


Ushers Box

New ushers box was built to add to the beauty of the entrance to the sanctuary.


Directional Signs

New signs were built and installed in central locations around the building. A great add to help visitors find their way.


Credence Table

A new custom credence table was built and installed.


Exterior Painting

The north and east sides of the building's exterior were repaired and repainted.



The chimney was repointed and received a new stainless steel liner for the fuel conversion process.


Copper Lights

The two lights at the main entrance and the one at the south entrance have been restored to their original self. Copper cleaned and protected. New wiring and sockets.


Dishwasher Removed

The lower kitchen non-working dishwasher was removed and the metal recycled making more room for kitchen activities.


Curbs Rebuilt

Curbs in front of the building were re-built to avoid trips and falls. Per the city, they can not be painted yellow any more, but at least they are safe.


Toys, Toys, Toys

All of the toys in the NE Indoor Park have been cleaned. Some recycled, some donated. Everything is in its place now.


New Phone System

A new digital phone system was installed.

  • The Fire Panel was replaced and upgraded to a digital system. The security fire panel for the main office window was repaired.

  • The elevator emergency recall system was repaired.

  • The emergency lighting system backup battery was replaced.

  • Sidewalk repairs were completed to protect pedestrians.

  • A dip in the parking lot entrance was repaired. To protect from future damage from heavy vehicles the dumpster was removed and individual trash cans are now being utilized.