Restoration Team

We have a strong, committed, and talented team of individuals who work together to restore and maintain our facility. Learn more about current and recent projects below, including our efforts around energy efficiency.

We maintain our facility for the benefit of our entire Central Portland community; the hundreds of individuals who find safety, welcome, healing, collaboration, and hope within these walls. To support this work, please Donate Here.

Facility Upgrades & Energy Efficiency

Sanctuary Lights Are now LED!

After two years of research and testing the Restoration Team and Heil Electric were able to find LED bulbs appropriate for our Sanctuary chandeliers. With the help of a cherry picker, the re-lamping of the Sanctuary was completed. Where each fixture used approximately 11,000 watts of power, they now use 1,100. In keeping with our long term energy efficiency goals we have pledged to change all light fixtures over to LED. We give thanks to our volunteers, leaders, and donations that continue to encourage this undertaking.

Projects in Research and Funding Phase


Basement Flooring

Central Lutheran has been saving up funds to replace the flooring in the Northeast Indoor Park and the downstairs kitchen for more than two years. The generosity of the Mega-Sale and Cabaret committees, as well as an anonymous donor have gathered a little over $20,000. The team has met with a designer and has invited an installer to come out to bid on the project. We hope that we have enough saved to be able to complete the project this summer. Watch for more news, events, and opportunities to support this project in the coming months.


Front Porch Posts

The team has been looking for wood appropriate for our Front Porch posts for over two years. Thanks to the generosity of the Kinsman Foundation we have the funds to repair the posts as soon as we can locate the wood. In the meantime, new cement run-off drains help to keep the current posts safer from continuing water damage.


Current Repair Projects


Sewer RepaIr: Repairs begin July 16, 2018

In 2017 it was determined that the large sewer pipes that run underneath the parking lot off of Schulyer Ave have cracked. This sink hole was our clue. In the months that have followed the pipes have been scoped, bids have been accepted, and money raised to go about repairing the pipes. The project is currently expected to run between $12,000 - $15,000. We give thanks to the Central Lutheran Foundation that has given a grant to cover the bulk of the expense. We also give thanks to the Central Lutheran community for including a contingency fund in our recent loan to help with potential expenses on this project.


Boiler Repair: Repairs ongoing, summer 2018

In 2017 we were excited to change our heating system from oil to natural gas. We had an amazingly warm winter inside! However, in early 2018 we noticed that the boiler had begun leaking. After research, bids, and a congregational vote to secure a short term loan we are in the process of repairing the boiler before we need heat this coming winter. Project estimation is between $35,000 -$45,000. We give thanks to the Oregon Synod Mission Loan Fund for the loan that will allow us to take on this project. Payments on the loan (around $950 a month) begin in July, 2018.

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Projects Recently Completed

2017 and 2018 saw the completion of several restoration and repair projects around the facility.

Some of these were planned for and were funded by grants. Some of these were emergency repairs covered by Central Lutheran's savings as well as generous gifts by the Foundation and anonymous donors.

  • New custom directional signs have been installed throughout the main floor.

  • The Pulpit and High Altar were sanded, oiled, repaired as needed, and refinished.

  • The chancel "arms" were cleaned, repaired, and refinished. A new custom credence table was created and installed.

  • The north and east sides of the building's exterior were repaired and repainted.

  • The chimney was repointed and received a new stainless steel liner for the fuel conversion process.

  • The furnace burner was changed from an oil burner to natural gas.

  • A new digital phone system was installed.

  • The Fire Panel was replaced and upgraded to a digital system. The security fire panel for the main office window was repaired. The elevator emergency recall system was repaired.

  • The emergency lighting system backup battery was replaced.

  • Sidewalk repairs were completed to protect pedestrians.

  • A dip in the parking lot entrance was repaired. To protect from future damage from heavy vehicles the dumpster was removed and individual trash cans are now being utilized.