Old Church Architecture

We have a guest this week! Pastor Amanda was away at Bishop’s Convocation so we asked Eric Miller to join me to talk about architecture. We have talked church architecture in the past but this time I get to pick the brain of someone who has a degree in the subject and has a deep love of travel that has taken him to many old, European cathedrals and basilicas. Curious? Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join us to learn more…

Podcast Notes:

Architectural Terms-

  • Romanesque

  • Gothic

  • Baroque

  • Apse

  • Buttress/Flying Buttress

  • Vault/Groin Vault

  • Clerestory

  • Reliquary

  • Nave

  • Transept

  • Ambulatory

  • Choir

  • Pilgrimage

Abbot Suger and St. Denis

The church in Fulda, Germany

St. Mark’s in Venice, Italy

The church in Pisa, Italy